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“The Time-Comber’s Sketchbook” Micro-Fantasy Series

Image: Vortex

Our experiences, our emotions….If a spiritual being were traveling through space and time to learn about us…. {more}





Image: Thumbnails of Micro-Stories


{All micro-stories}

{Left: “Value Introverts — Don’t Try to Change Them“}

{Right: “Once Upon a Time, ASMR was Just an Insomniac’s Dream“}



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Featured Short Story: Revvel’s Tomb (Archaeological Fiction)


Short Story Pic: "Revvel's Tomb" by Brenna Pierson


Anna, a young archaeologist, along with her partner, a pyramidologist named David, arrived at Revvel’s Tomb to investigate some oddities at the popular tourist attraction. What they actually discovered was something even more strange and unexpected than anything they had heard of or seen before—and it certainly did not belong in a tomb thousands of years old. {more}