“The Time-Comber’s Book” Flash Fantasy Series

Our experiences, our emotions….If a spiritual being were traveling through space and time to learn about us, to help us eventually, he or she might keep a journal just like “The Time-Comber’s Sketchbook.”

From the past to the present — and everywhere in between — follow the journeys, highs and lows of the “time-comber.”


Entry 1: “Through the Portal”

I was right about to go into the portal. I knew I had to: I had experienced lives…many of them. But to really understand how to neutralize negativity, I had to experience even more….{More}



Entry 2: The Haunted 1970s Lodge

The car drove up, and the people got out so excitedly, giggling in anticipation and shuffling up to the door, so they could go stay at what they called “the haunted lodge.” {More}



Image of 80's "Peaches n' Cream" Barbie Drawing

Entry 3: “Nostalgia in 2012”

The portal took me to a more recent time: 2012. That is to be expected, though—the angels and guides said any time in the past is a possible destination.

I was in the room with a little boy and his mom….{More}



Image of Carousel Horse Painting

Entry 4: “Depth of Heart at a 1940’s Fairground”

A beautiful fairground in the 1940’s….I was floating through my current destination very slowly, taking in all the colors, sights and sounds. {More}



Painting of rainy Paris day, with a street lamp standing by bench

Entry 5: “Paris 1924, Vintage Rain”

I always wanted to go to Paris in a past life — and my time travels did take me there, to my great excitement, even though it was nighttime and raining. {More}


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