“The Time-Comber’s Book” Flash Fantasy Series (Parts 6-8)


Artwork of Senior Citizen

Entry 6: “Impassable Technology in 2014”

Again, the portal took me to a more recent time: 2014. This time, I popped up in the back of a post office…. {More}



Entry 7: “Silence in the Three-Decade Amusement Park”

The portal took me to a most interesting place: a very large amusement park. It had previously brought me to a smaller, more quaint park — but this was completely different….The amusement park itself depicted one time period to another. {More}



Entry 8: “Self-Critical In Victorian England”*

The portal brought me to my next stop: what appeared a beautiful tea parlor in Victorian times.A woman with voluminous hair piled on her hand, not a strand out of place and looking as a piece of artwork on its own, scrambled all about. {More}

*Image: Lena London/SuperColoring.com (Creative Commons License CC BY-SA 4.0)


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