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Remembering Through an Old House

Microstory: The old house was filled with things that reminded them of themselves, of each other...even if these things were just in the background.}



We’re living in a time when retro and nostalgia are in style more than any other past era. So what things do we tend to remember? We obviously remember the big things…the big events, things that changed our lives, the milestones.

But there are also things in our minds that are hidden — things that are not linked to any big milestone, but when we see them in a photo or suddenly hear them mentioned, we get a more vivid recollection of the feelings of a particular time in the past than the polished memories of the big events always at the front of our minds.

How is it that these little things in the background sometimes live so strongly in our heads? They didn’t seem “important” at the time — but they were powerful enough to sometimes spark a stronger reaction than memories of an entire big event.

There is a saying by Cesare Pavese, saying, “We don’t remember days — we remember moments.” Maybe those little things remind us of the moments.





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On “Life is What You Make It”

Micro-Story: He thought of the time people would say "Life is what you make it." That was before the regime.


Point of view and overall situation matter a lot in any given story — whether true or fiction.

If you live somewhere that you can even fathom life being “what you make it,” you are lucky.

There are multiple ways of looking at this, though, none more right or wrong than the others.

For those living in places of some type of oppression, there’s no choice to “make” life what you want.

However, for those living elsewhere, it may be living without something (or someone).

In any case, you may still have to trudge through the thorny bushes every day. You can’t act like they’re not there — and you’re still going to feel them if they cut you. To suggest that you can make deep cuts go away easily is to suggest that the cuts don’t matter.

If you’ve been cut deeply enough, you know that they do — and that being told “life is what you make it” is just a band-aid that doesn’t even to cover a gruesome wound.

And it certainly doesn’t help to heal it.

So yes: Let’s always try to make lemons into lemonade — but let’s also empathize and try to avoid rubbing lemons on someone else’s wounds.