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Not Afraid…”Cautious”

Micro-Story: The unicorn mare rushed to its mother. “I don't think it's a good idea,” she said. “But I don't always want to be afraid.” | Its mom replied, “You're not afraid this time,” she said. “You're cautious — there's a difference.”

People are quick to label something as “fear” — but people also confuse caution and fear — which can be two very different things.


Words can be very subtle — and often the subtleties cause issues when put together with our hasty ideas.

For example, You may doubt something (or someone) because you have facts that add up to something not working out. You may be cautious because of similar situations that don’t pan out. There are any number of actual reasons for caution — which makes it not a fear-based reaction but a rational train of thought that simply doesn’t lead to a good end.

So yes, fear can be dangerous if it paralyzes us for no reason — but when there’s a reason, it may be more a healthy dose of caution than anything else.


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“The Time-Comber’s Sketchbook, #4: Depth of Heart at a 1940’s Fairground” (Flash Fiction Series)

"Time-Comber's Sketchbook" Intro: For more, click here.




Image of Carousel Horse PaintingEntry #4

A beautiful fairground in the 1940’s….I was floating through my current destination very slowly, taking in all the colors, sights and sounds.

In the back, among wrapped-up carousel horses, likely back-ups for the merry-go-round’s usual horses, was an artist standing with all sorts of glorious paint colors. In front of him stood a “blank” carousel horse — completely white, with only molding showing where the details would go.

And I felt, from that artist, a heavy heart…perhaps from something someone said to him, something that happened to him. It was the heart with an invisible stab wound.

And here he was, supposed to make something beautiful — something awe-inspiring — when he felt anything but inspired in his harsh world.

But I knew he would do it. Being a person of light is hard. You can mistrust everyone. You can question everything. But in the end, you do it…because there’s nothing else for you to do that fits.




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