“Revvel’s Tomb” (Page 8)

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At that moment, another odd noise echoed in. It sounded like a voice, floating through the Queen’s Chamber door from the main stairway. It was a small, yet superficially deep voice, lacking the depth of a man’s voice.

“Oh, I’m Mr. Pharaoh,” the out-of-tone voice croned, “Mr. Pharaoh…going through my mummy’s tomb….” Anna and David turned to each other slowly. Anna’s heart beat in anticipation, but her mind twisted with questions.

A lighter voice then spoke up from behind. “Hi, guys! Like my singing?”

David turned around slowly. Anna gasped and whirled around, seeing a little boy about 7 years old, standing in faded and ripped jeans, his long blond bangs falling into his eyes. Anna could not believe it, for the tourguide said that only she and David had entered the tomb since its closure.

The boy grinned at them playfully. He walked right up to Anna and extended his hand. “Hi! I’m Mark,” he said. Anna wondered if she were dreaming, for she had never encountered a child wandering alone in an ancient corpse’s tomb. However, she took the boy’s hand, feeling that his sweaty palm was definitely real.

David looked at the boy cynically. “How did you get in here?”
he asked. ©Brenna Pierson

“Oh,” said Mark, tilting his head to the side and speaking casually, “I’ve been here a few days. I stayed behind with my uncle one night before it was all closed up. I made him come down with me alone to take pictures of the Prince’s Chamber, and they closed the tomb up and didn’t know we were here.” Anna listened to him explain this easily, as if he described a typical day at school. Mark shrugged and smiled. “So, here I am! And here you are! I knew you’d be coming sometime soon. Sorry I didn’t turn the lights for you guys a little sooner,” he said, with an even bigger grin.

Anna glanced at her watch, seeing that it was now 8:30. She then gazed at the boy’s clear, candid eyes. She asked, slowly, “Were you the one behind the walls making the noises to scare tourists away?”

Mark chuckled. “Yeah,” he said. “Funny, huh? I been staying in the secret chamber when the tourists were here, and I hit the mummy strips on the wall, just on the other side of there.” He pointed at the wall with the secret door. “Then, I heard people screaming on the other side. The tourguide starting saying all this stuff about a curse, but it was just 

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