“Revvel’s Tomb” (Page 7)

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this point, if he hasn’t waken up….” She trailed off her sentence, looking at David, frightened out of uttering the words.

David nodded. “And that’s why it’s been so important to you to find something immortal in here.”

Anna smiled a little. “I know that’s ridiculous,” she said, “but at least if he…doesn’t make it, I’d know then that he’d find peace…somewhere, somehow. Anyway, I’m sorry if I have been really intense about this trip, but at least now you know why.”

David gazed at her, Anna feeling as if he tried to probe her thoughts. Then, he said, “Would that really prove peace for him—or just that spirits exist at all?” He glanced around the chamber. “After all, we are looking for a discontented spirit even now.”

Anna stared ahead, shaking her head slowly. “I know,” she said. “But I just need to know there might be a peaceful afterlife somewhere. I don’t know: maybe I just need some comfort myself.”

David smiled kindly. “Well, we could always go see if we missed anything in the Prince’s Chamber.” Anna smiled gratefully, picking up her light and standing up.

Suddenly, a blinding light flashed through the chamber.  The florescent ceiling lights glimmered on, then faded out a little so that they burned at a comfortable intensity. Anna turned to David, who stood staring at her looking totally shocked. Light now hit every corner of the formerly dark chamber. Anna’s muscles went rigid, half-expecting some supernatural being to appear.

Then, an ear-splitting grinding noise resonated through the walls. In one corner, a square piece of stone towards the bottom of the wall started sliding away. Inch by inch, the gliding four-foot square revealed some kind of gray rock tunnel behind the wall. Anna dropped to her knees, staring from a distance into the opening. She saw that the tunnel appeared short, like a kind of cave. Then, just as suddenly as it opened, the hatch began to close.

Anna gasped. “No!” She sprang up and darted towards the hatchway, just as it was half-closed. ©Brenna Pierson

Anna heard David call for her to wait, his voice reverberating off the walls but disappearing as the door’s scouring sound attacked her ears. Anna dashed faster to the sealing door. Suddenly, the last few open inches disappeared as the door secured into place.

“No!” Anna called. She swung around, distress tightening her face. “What if there was something in there?” 

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