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Bent down to examine a pot, Anna turned to him. “Maybe!” she said, her voice suddenly light.

David wandered between the broken jars, stepping around the misplaced lids: one lid had the sleek jackal head, one a petite bird’s face, and the other a snubby cat face. David pointed at the mess. “I heard they left the canopic jars like this after tomb robbers, but I never believed it.”

Anna looked down intensely at the jars’ wreckage, waving her finger at the floor. “Those jars have been broken, but their contents are nowhere around,” she mused. “And if the robbery scene was left intact, that doesn’t make any sense: there should be a huge mess.”

A strange smile formed on David’s face. “I’m sure they cleaned it up,” he said; for, they both knew what the canopic jars held: the corpse’s internal organs, separately embalmed and kept in their own little resting places.

Frustrated, Anna put her hands to her face. “You’re right,” she said. “That would have been a good reason for supernatural discontent, though.” She sighed heavily, then immediately turned back to probe her surroundings.

David looked at her steadily. “Unless there was nothing in there to begin with. Misplaced bodily organs would make me pretty irate!”

Anna’s eyes widened. “You’re right!” She bent down and picked up one of the standing jars, lifting it a few times to test its weight.  David wandered over to sit along one wall. He took out the computer, watching Anna and typing while she searched.

Anna could not tell if the heavy clay jar held anything by lifting it. She carefully laid it back on the ground, lifting up the beast lid and finding the appropriate contents: a ball of wrappings, probably containing stomach inside.

“It’s full,” she said, seeing David typing faster as she began reporting. Beginning to pace, she stared keenly at each nuance, each artifact in the chamber. “These should be gold,” she said, pointing at the pots. “Any royalty with more clay pots must not have been too popular. Maybe that’s the cause of the hauntings.” Feelings like a hunting predator, she roved her eyes around intently. Her heart began to beat stronger, and she clenched one fist.

She whirled round to see David setting the computer down and

©Brenna Pierson

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