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and they called the police,” he said. He stood by the secret door, calmly looking at them, not a glimpse of craziness in his eyes.

“Of course we called,” David said. “You tried to murder someone.”

“I knew you’d think that,” Mark said. “He used to be a nice man, then he got mean, but only after knew about my pictures. I know what’ll happen to me: the police’ll make me live with special people that are s’posed to take care of troubled kids. They’ll be nice to me, though. They won’t hit me anymore.” He looked up at Anna with direct eyes. “And I know you guys won’t tell about the pictures I see, and I’m not gonna tell anymore. So, from now on, no one else will know.”

Ten minutes passed before the tourguide arrived with his boss and the police, the tourguide screaming about how horrible it was for Mark to dare to kill someone in Revvel’s Tomb.

Afterwards, Anna and David walked behind as a policeman attached handcuffs to Mark’s small wrists and led him up the main stairway that David and Anna had first encountered in the darkness; yet, now the stairs were fully lit. The policeman towed Mark up to the trapdoor at the top, once again open to reveal a gray sky outside, a tiny beam of sunlight nudging itself out from behind the clouds. Anna and David stood behind on the stairs, Anna looking behind at the mysterious abyss she had hoped would prove an afterlife; and instead, she had found a man bleeding to death in a sarcophagus. She turned back around, seeing Mark’s back as the policeman dragged him out of
the tomb.

“Oh, yeah,” Mark said, suddenly stopping on the steps and turning backwards to Anna. His face was mild and sincere, like a teacher imparting knowledge to a student. “You don’t have to worry about your brother anymore. What’s his name? Robert?” Anna’s heart almost stopped. She stared up at Mark in disbelief and nodded slowly. “I saw pictures of him, too,” Mark continued. “He’s gonna wake up soon.”

Anna stood still in amazement. She watched the policeman take Mark to the top, and they climbed out the trapdoor. They seemed to disappear in an instant, leaving Anna and David alone on the steps. ©Brenna Pierson

Anna turned to David, her face blank. “He couldn’t have known that unless he was telling the truth about his predicting,” she said. “I didn’t even mention Robert’s name to you.” She smiled then, for she may not have found proof of immortality—yet, she had found an unusual  boy who gave her hope for her brother’s life, and hope in the future.

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