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Two-Sentence Stories: Medieval Fantasy (November 2020)

Last month, we talked about some thoughts about micro-fiction and started on some two-sentence horror stories.

This month’s two-sentence tales are all medieval fantasy-themed and have some general thoughts or facts to go along with them.

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Two-Sentence Story: "The knight saw his broken sword on the ground. And he knew he was finished."


Fact: In medieval times, a knight’s sword was broken if he was disgraced in some way and his knighthood was taken from him.



Two-Sentence Story: "Are you juxtaposing that to mean that the knight is going to save the animals and the environment?" he asked his son. / "Not really," said his son, an artist. "I was just playing with the shapes in the background." Image of a knight with a surreal background featuring a large cow.


Not everything has to have meaning in art or writing. Sometimes, you’re just “playing around.” 🙂



Two-Sentence Story: "It is a ceremony about food," she said. "It varies a little, but it seems to start with some type of meat (either tan or pink), and in the end, an orange of golden-colored dessert."


How would someone from a different time (or even just a different place) see our holiday rituals?


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