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Poetry Roundup #3: A Candle on the Water and a Sense of Wonder

This roundup is all haikus!

Haiku: "The sense of wonder / that you have when you are young / never let it leave"

(Inspired by “Wonder“)



Haiku with candle on water image: "Flowing, on water / the candle is drifting both / to you and from you" (by Brenna Vancheyson)

This haiku was inspired by the song “Candle on the Water” from the 70’s version of Pete’s Dragon. If you’ve never heard this incredible song by Helen Reddy, check it out!



Image of fox in the rain with haiku: "Beautiful first rain / washing away the staleness / turning the seasons" (by Brenna Vancheyson)


(Text is available in alt text for text-to-speech readers.)


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Poetry Roundup #2: A Blue Dancer and a Walk in the Rain

Poem: "Blue…Blue will dance anew / a long, slow ballet/so awkward to view. / Blue…Blue will dance. It’s true, / spinning through life / one day to renew.

“The Blue Dance”

This poetry roundup features two original artworks. The first one is a poem inspired by the 70’s song “Love is Blue” by Paul Mauriat (the words of the poem actually can go in time with part of the chorus). The art is a charcoal and soft pastel piece.



Haiku: "Walking, right here, right now. / Rain falls in the moment then. / Where does the time go?" (by Brenna Vancheyson)

“Walking Right Here” (a Haiku)

This haiku is paired with an acrylic painting on canvas. It can be about a simple walk in the rain to pass time or about the swift passage of time on a more philosophical level, if the rain is “the moment” that disappears once it hits the ground.


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