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Remembering Through an Old House

Microstory: The old house was filled with things that reminded them of themselves, of each other...even if these things were just in the background.}



We’re living in a time when retro and nostalgia are in style more than any other past era. So what things do we tend to remember? We obviously remember the big things…the big events, things that changed our lives, the milestones.

But there are also things in our minds that are hidden — things that are not linked to any big milestone, but when we see them in a photo or suddenly hear them mentioned, we get a more vivid recollection of the feelings of a particular time in the past than the polished memories of the big events always at the front of our minds.

How is it that these little things in the background sometimes live so strongly in our heads? They didn’t seem “important” at the time — but they were powerful enough to sometimes spark a stronger reaction than memories of an entire big event.

There is a saying by Cesare Pavese, saying, “We don’t remember days — we remember moments.” Maybe those little things remind us of the moments.





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“The Time-Comber’s Sketchbook, #3: Nostalgia in 2012” (Flash Fiction Series)

"Time-Comber's Sketchbook" Intro: For more, click here.


Image of 80's "Peaches n' Cream" Barbie Drawing

Entry #3

The portal took me to a more recent time: 2012. That is to be expected, though—the angels and guides said any time in the past is a possible destination.

I was in the room with a little boy and his mom. His mom sat at her laptop, uploading a doll photo to her Facebook social media. She typed “80’s Peaches and Cream Barbie” as modern Christmas music played from her cellular phone.

She said to her son, “These always do well during the holidays. It’s the perfect time to remember.”

She had a wistfulness in her voice…a sadness. Yet somehow, there was a soft joy of something forgotten and remembered once again.

She looked at the little boy and knew he’d eventually learn that holidays are happy, but they change throughout the years. And remembering can be important.



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