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Poetry Roundup #3: A Candle on the Water and a Sense of Wonder

This roundup is all haikus!

Haiku: "The sense of wonder / that you have when you are young / never let it leave"

(Inspired by “Wonder“)



Haiku with candle on water image: "Flowing, on water / the candle is drifting both / to you and from you" (by Brenna Vancheyson)

This haiku was inspired by the song “Candle on the Water” from the 70’s version of Pete’s Dragon. If you’ve never heard this incredible song by Helen Reddy, check it out!



Image of fox in the rain with haiku: "Beautiful first rain / washing away the staleness / turning the seasons" (by Brenna Vancheyson)


(Text is available in alt text for text-to-speech readers.)


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Image of Pirate Ship in Storm
Flash Fiction, Nature, Philosophizing

Ahoy, Matey! It’s the “Storm of Karmic Justice”!

For the pirates’ loot — and ship — were both about to be cast to the bottom of the sea.

And years later, their ship would be a treasure-laden home for creatures of the ocean.



Let’s say long ago, a pirate ship sunk with all its stolen treasure. In the modern day, it may very well be an artificial reef, serving as a home for creatures of the ocean.

There are plenty of shipwrecks that are not pirate ships — in fact, most probably were some other sort of vessel. But in the case of a pirate ship, the stolen treasure, its possessors and their ship end up at the bottom of the ocean — sustaining life under the sea.

In a way, this is just karmic justice. Likewise, if our stolen treasure is what we have taken from the earth, hopefully nature will not need to create balance from our wreckage.


From the Micro & Flash Fiction Gallery

Flash Fiction Image for "The Storm of Karmic Justice"

Flash Fiction Image for "The Storm of Karmic Justice"



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