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“This Season, 2020” (a Poem)

For some this year, it will be easier to be thankful.
Thankful that no one they know or love has perished.
Thankful that things might get better.
Thankful that they still have a job.
Yet for others, it will be more difficult,
suffering for one of the reasons above…
or one of a million others.
Perhaps the greatest gift we can give this season is compassion.
Nothing more, nothing less.
Because for some, that’s what will be needed the most.




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Poetry Roundup: The Question of Our Era and Being Swallowed by Fog


“Swallowed in the Fog” (a Double Haiku)

For this poetry roundup, we start with the double haiku above (view the text version here). I actually have no idea if there’s technically such a thing as a “double haiku.” I have, however, seen people put two haikus together before, and this one about a character who can’t go home — or feels that she can’t go home — warranted the double format.


Haiku: They stood by the sea/Someday, they would remember/this moment that passed.

“By the Sea” (Haiku)

This one was featured in a post about appreciating haikus (and their popularity on Instagram). As creating art often inspires haikus for a lot of people (or vice versa), the image is an original painting done with acrylic on canvas.




And this, sadly, is the question of our era. It is not a haiku and was previously posted here.


{More Poetry Roundups coming in the future}