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Two-Sentence Stories: Medieval Fantasy (November 2020)

Last month, we talked about some thoughts about micro-fiction and started on some two-sentence horror stories.

This month’s two-sentence tales are all medieval fantasy-themed and have some general thoughts or facts to go along with them.

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Two-Sentence Story: "The knight saw his broken sword on the ground. And he knew he was finished."


Fact: In medieval times, a knight’s sword was broken if he was disgraced in some way and his knighthood was taken from him.



Two-Sentence Story: "Are you juxtaposing that to mean that the knight is going to save the animals and the environment?" he asked his son. / "Not really," said his son, an artist. "I was just playing with the shapes in the background." Image of a knight with a surreal background featuring a large cow.


Not everything has to have meaning in art or writing. Sometimes, you’re just “playing around.” 🙂



Two-Sentence Story: "It is a ceremony about food," she said. "It varies a little, but it seems to start with some type of meat (either tan or pink), and in the end, an orange of golden-colored dessert."


How would someone from a different time (or even just a different place) see our holiday rituals?


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In Fiction and in Life: The Character That’s “Too Nice”

We all have read stories with the character that’s “so nice” and have known people like that in real life.

However, don’t forget that looks can be deceiving…both in fiction and reality.

The character who’s too nice can turn out to be the evil menace that no one would have ever suspected. There were, for example, apparently elaborate suspicions that Jar-Jar Binks in Star Wars: Episodes I-III may have been some type of evil Sith in disguise.

In real life, these personalities are likely not as bad as a Sith. However, why treat someone with disrespect just because he or she is “nice,” and you can get away with it? Does a pleasant personality do you any wrong?

If that’s not enough to make you respect “nice” people, remember that the “nice ones” might have a little of a dark side, too. But don’t worry — maybe the least they’ll do is go home, piece together a voodoo doll of you and begin reciting incantations.

Do we really believe that anyone is too nice to get mad? Keep in mind that they just might be adept in making you believe that.

In fiction and in life…Respect this character.