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Two-Sentence Horror Stories (October 2020)

In another post, we explored what micro-stories really are, compared to quotes and quick statements.

One subcategory is the two-sentence story, an extremely short brand of micro-fiction. They’re fun to read and to write — so it only seems natural to try a few!

Actually, let’s try a series. 🙂 This month’s installment for October is all about ghosts and other-worldly phenomenon, in honor of Halloween.

Two-Sentence Horror Story: "The ghost disappeared the way it arrived. It mumbled warnings over and over again."

Two-Sentence Horror Story: "I used to be famous for horrible things, which I liked not. I have found mercy in my solitude." Image of a vampire.

Two-Sentence Horror Story: "It was a doppelganger. It was like an out-of-body experience."