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If the Constitution Could Talk, What Would It Say About Masks?

If the Constitution could talk, what would it say about wearing masks? It might say something like this.

My meaning can only be construed by your own interpretation. Yet those interpretations must be based on what is written and what can logically follow.

Look first at the Preamble, wherefore is written “we the people”; hundreds of thousands of people have already perished. Further, my Preamble states that I am to “promote the general welfare.”

I see no ink on my parchment that suggests a mask takes away freedoms. Granted, I have reference to the abhorrence of servitude; yet a mask meant to keep harmful medical conditions at bay does not make one a servant.

Would I wish, that if I were written in your day, I would include some instruction on what you’re now going through?

I would only say this: More than 200,000 American have died.

The choice is yours. How will you choose to promote the general welfare I was written to uphold?