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What’s in a Name: Let’s Call Ranters Something Other Than “Karen”

Microstory: "But my name really is Karen," she thought.

How would we like it if our names were suddenly used as an insult? A better label for the tirading, self-entitled “ranters without a reason” would be “idiots” or “buttheads” — not a fairly popular name that’s donned on people at their birth.

The question “what’s in a name?” shouldn’t have a negative connotation — especially for such a common name as Karen.

Before going any further, a couple of disclaimers:

1. Although I write under a pen name, no, my real name is not Karen (and neither is anyone’s in my family).

2. I do not at all condone these ranters’ behaviors — in fact, I have had the unfortunate experience of being approached by one of them. Apparently, she believed that someone walking through a senior complex who wasn’t “of age” (as she put it) must have been doing something wrong (though people bring their parents things or come to visit all the time). I was detained by this ranter for probably 20 minutes. And this person wasn’t at a stage where it was dementia, either — it was ranting, plain and simple.

But I digress.

I truly hate this topic — but at the same time, in an era when we’re trying to be more aware of our actions, it doesn’t make any sense to use an actual common given birth name as an insult.

We need to be more careful about the labels we use.

And as the simple, yet kind, Forest Gump once said…
“That’s all I have to say about that.”






Microstory: "But my name really is Karen," she thought.