"Time-Comber's Book" Series, Fantasy, Life Stuff, Paranormal/Spiritual Fiction

“The Time-Comber’s Sketchbook, #5: Paris 1924, Vintage Rain” (Flash Fiction Series)

Painting of rainy Paris day, with a street lamp standing by bench

Entry #5

I always wanted to go to Paris in a past life — and my time travels did take me there, to my great excitement, even though it was nighttime and raining.

Then I saw the Parisian woman. She dressed, of course, in the style of her day: what would later be called “art deco” era. But she was crying. And she simply ran in the rain — with no umbrella — out to a lonely bench.

Invisible, as always, I yet remained still and at a distance.

She sobbed and sobbed. I felt her sadness — her mourning or yearning for something — more like waves smothering me than the rain that was actually lightly falling.

Sometimes, people seek out rain because it’s the only thing they can identify with.