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If It’s Perfect, Let It Be

Book and Paint Photo

He remembered the words of his long-gone teacher: “Each sentence is a painting. If it’s perfect, you don’t do anything to mar it.”



We have a way of having to “mess” with things. This can be an issue with anything and everything: words, art, our work, the buildings we live in.

For example, there was a local shopping area that was around for decades. Everyone loved it just the way it was. It had its own unique flair and was welcoming. It didn’t need to be renovated. It wasn’t breaking down. It was well-maintained and safe…and comfortable.

It was eventually bought by a larger company — which, of course, had to put its “stamp” on it. The children’s area changed from a unique place you wouldn’t find anywhere else to match every other children’s play place in every other shopping area. The decor that brought subtle character to the building was stripped away. The comfortable seating was changed to the hard seats that were likely more inexpensive — and uglier.

Sometimes, “if it’s not broke, don’t fix it” really does apply. Leave what works; change what doesn’t. If you constantly change what works, what will be left that matters?


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