"Time-Comber's Book" Series, Paranormal/Spiritual Fiction

“The Time-Comber’s Sketchbook, #2: The 1970’s Haunted Lodge” (Flash Fiction Series)

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Entry #2
The car drove up, and the people got out so excitedly, giggling in anticipation and shuffling up to the door, so they could go stay at what they called “the haunted lodge.”

Why would anyone want to take the risk and invite evil? Only souls without rest “haunt.”

I knew curiosity means that people make bad decisions. This reminds me of the idea of “saving people from themselves.” I did not consider that part of neutralizing negativity would be to do so….I’m still not sure it is. Hopefully, that wisdom will be imparted to me.

"The Time-Comber's Sketchbook" Entry 2 Image

Image from coloring page by Artsashina/supercoloring.com (cc license)


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